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InPage Professional V3.50

InPage Urdu Publsiher

InPage® Urdu is the business standard devices for page-production of Newspapers, Magazines and Books in Urdu/Arabic dialects. Utilizing the force of Nastaliq and Character and Faiz Nastaliq based textual styles InPage® gives you the opportunity to plan your fantasies in practically all Perso-Arabic contents like Urdu, Arabic, Persian, Sindhi, Kashmiri Pushto and Hazaragi. Running on MS Windows, InPage® makes distributing simple as well as agreeable!!!

InPage® Professional 3.50 Features

  • Programmed Kerning and Kashish highlights in Nastaliq text to give a calligrapher style standpoint In excess of 60 Unicode Naskh Fonts
  • Direct Unicode Support with other programming
  • Muhammadi Quranic text style is added
  • Trade Urdu text in RTF design
  • Direct save as PDF with choices Mirror and Export all Text as Curves
  • Direct Save As HTML
  • Direct duplicate/glue/embed/import of pictures. Choice to implant as well as gather for yield
  • Commentary can be included any chosen text style
  • Strong Urdu language Spell Checker
  • Support for full Color Separation
  • Support for Unicode Open Type Fonts for various dialects like Urdu, Arabic and Sindhi
  • Extra images
  • Element to see a picture in import
  • Client characterized and view Keyboard
  • Auto and Generate Index with Urdu, English page numbers
  • Inciting in Nastaliq too in Naskh
  • Viable with Windows XP, 7, 8 and Windows Server

Following Bugs Are Corrected In This Release

  • There were a few issues in Importing text from InPage® Storty Editor, which is remedied Murtaza Naskh text style benchmark issue
  • Some Naskh textual style were broken in Save As pdf
  • Text with various Hatch Pattern, in Save As pdf doesn’t come
  • Numerals issue is fixed. Duplicate/Paste of numerals like 99.880 were getting changed 880.99 in InPage®
  • Additional clear space from English text/word
  • Handicap colors properties in Allow Custom PostScript in Printing

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    I would like to download your Inpage urdu software, I am impressed to see my friend using this software. Thank you.

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